The 8h Diet – Weigh 8 Pounds Less In A Week!

Have you ever heard of the 8 hours diet? Simply , you are allowed to eat everything, but just for eight hours a day!
At first glance it sounds very simple, but it works so well. There are some rules that are necessary to be observed to have visible results.

The 8h Diet – Weigh 8 Pounds Less In A Week!

The 8h Diet – Weigh 8 Pounds Less In A Week!

First, it is necessary to eat only for 8 hours during the day, and the remaining 16 hours is allowed to drink only water or herbal teas, it is allowed unsweetened lemonade in that period also.


Experts advise that the best the eight hours to eat have to be from 9:00 to 17:00, if possible, because the results showed that in this period the diet is most effective.

The 8h Diet – Weigh 8 Pounds Less In A Week!

But we all know that the urban way of life almost does not allow eating at the time, if we take into account that working time is precisely from 9-17 pm, so concessions are possible.
The optimum time is from 8 am to 19 pm.  And what is more important, the diet of 8 hours means that the eight hours must be at the same times each day.For example, during the weekdays may be between 8 to 16, and during the weekend from 11 to 19 hour. But most important is that after that 8 hours you should not eat anything except liquids (water, herbal teas, lemonade without sugar). And do not forget, the distance between main meals must be four hours.

What specifically will delight you is the menu, and the rule is simple: Everything is permitted!

The menu really means all groceries, but only if you eat at a certain time. However, although all foods are permitted, much care should be taken in the quantity and quality that is entered.

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