5 Exercises To Correct Bow Legs

When your legs are not aligned straight at the hips an abnormal force across the knee can cause pain and lead to premature arthritis of the knee.5 Exercises To Correct Bow LegsThis deformity known as bow leg can also result in pain in the hip and ankles. There are a few main reasons for a person having bow legs. They can be a result of an injury or disease.


Depending on your reason for having this condition decides how to treat it. Some of the causes are:

* Injury, fracture or trauma that did not heal correctly.
* Lead or fluoride poisoning.
* Rickets are a lack of vitamin D in the body and can cause bow legs.
* Blount’s disease.

There are surgical corrections and exercises to help treat and correct this alignment once you know why the condition exists. A blood test can be performed to rule out a blood disorder such as Rickets being the cause. If it is a bone alignment issue than you may be able to correct through bow legs correction exercises.

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