Are your toes larger or smaller? Which toe is the longest and which is the smallest? Are your feet narrow or wide?TOES SAY A LOT ABOUT YOUR FUTURE AND PERSONALITY, SEE HOW All these characteristics can tell a lot about your personality and even predict what can happen in your future. Some studies suggest that the shape of your feet and toes reveals a lot about your personality, so keep reading to find out what your toes say about you.

Big Toe:

Look at your big toe. Is it much longer than the others? If it is it means that you are very smart and creative and can always think of creative ways to solve your problems. You can think outside of the box and are full of ideas. On the negative side, it may be difficult for you to remain focused and can often abandon projects midway.

If on the other hand your big toe is actually smaller than the others you are an excellent multi tasker. It’s super easy for you to make people agree with your opinions; you are a great negotiator and complete your tasks efficiently.

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