Remove Every Poison and Toxin in Just 48 Hours – Weekend Detox With a Plan!

Do you have dark skin under the eyes or feel tired? Is the skin too dry or the body too tired and looking unwell? You probably have toxins overload that need to be cleansed.You have less health shield from any virus, infection or flu if you are full with toxins. The body has more strength and energy as you detox.Remove Every Poison and Toxin in Just 48 Hours – Weekend Detox With a Plan!This plan we have for you is a weekend detox plan that keeps the whole health perfect. It cleans vital organs inside like liver, kidneys, lungs, intestines and lymph too.

It is consisted of meat, low fat items, fluids and potatoes too. Sounds good right?  2 times per year for just 10 days in a row you can practice this. But, if you prefer also for the weekend more times per year. The effect is amazing!

Use dandelion, birch and nettle tea too. for the best results, also consider workouts as often as you can (swim, gym, walk, run…).

Weekend detox plan:
Have 240 ml warm water after waking up before breakfast .

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