There are many people with dark heavy bags under their eyes that even all the concealers in the world won’t hide. Maybe you’re one of them.PUT THIS MIXTURE ON YOUR FACE FOR 15 MIN TO ERASE DARK CIRCLES AND BAGS!Some women suffer routinely from dark under-eye circles while for others they’re the result of one late night and too many drinks.
You’ve probably tried every type of cream, concealer or foundation and you’ve spent lots of money, but yet, none of them seem to work? 
Well, why don’t you try something natural?

  • Unpacking the Bags

Many causes are to blame in case of the dark circles. The primary one is fatigue. Another is eye strain.
Allergies can also cause under-eye circles and so can contact dermatitis, which happens when your eyes came in contact with something that causes mild irritation, like soap or makeup. Sun exposure can lead to irregular melatonin levels and cause your eyelid area to darken.
The skin under your eyes loses elastin and collagen and gets thinner with age. This makes the blood vessels underneath more visible, giving a darker look. In some cases it’s just genetics, otherwise known as bad luck.

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